Amazon’s New Dash Button Hardware Offers Instant Orders For Staple Products


Amazon has new hardware called the Dash Button that allows one-press ordering of products you’re likely to want to replace on a regular basis. The Dash Button comes in a number of different branded versions based on what it’s coded to order, and includes an adhesive backing and hook holster to let you stick it where it’s most convenient.

The Dash Button is a natural extension of Amazon’s one-click ordering feature on the web, but turned into a hardware gadget that makes ordering laundry detergent, for instance, as easy as actually starting the wash cycle. Amazon clearly hopes that if you have a physical one-button device near the place where you actually consume these consumables, you’re more likely to have the presence of mind to order them via its service before you run out, when a trip to the corner store might prove more convenient even than home delivery.


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How does sugar affect your brain

Eating the same kind of food for long periods of time makes your dopamine levels get lower.
Sugar works like a drug in a way, increasing your DA levels and creating the feeling of craving.

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El muñeco de nieve más pequeño

Tan solo 10 µm, o 1/5 de la anchura de un pelo humano.


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